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Technology Scorecard for CSIO Member Brokerages
Use this Technology Scorecard tool to receive a snapshot view of your brokerage’s technology adoption in comparison to the provincial average.
Select all the technology tools your brokerage has implemented:

Technology Tools Implemented Provincial Adoption
Brokerage Website
Social Media

* Check if you have eMail Security implemented
** Check if your website is mobile optimized
***Check how you rank with your SEO

Last Updated: Feb 2016
Your Technology Score
60% Complete (success)
Provincial Brokerage Average
50% Complete (success)
0-50% 50-75% 75-100%
Behind the Times Almost There Top Performing

The above results are based on CSIO's analysis.

Email CSIO at techinfo@csio.com to learn how you can implement these technologies in your brokerage or if you have any questions about this tool.

Congratulations on scoring 100% on the scorecard!
Please email us at techinfo@csio.com and let us know. We would like to recognize your brokerage.